Popular Styles Of Customised Aprons 

Popular Styles Of Customised Aprons 

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Why Should You Have Customized Aprons?

When coming up with ideas for customising aprons, you need to have the style of the apron in mind. Some apron designs have sufficient space, which allows you to be as elaborate as you wish. However, some styles demand a minimalist approach. The apron you choose will depend on your preference and the type of task you are performing. 

These are some of the common apron styles: 

Waist Aprons

Also known as server aprons, this type is often used by waiters and waitresses. This apron is short and has no upper body coverage. Most have pockets to allow workers to carry notepads and pens easily. 

A customised apron Singapore of this style should have a colourful logo that will draw the attention of those being served. 

4-Way Aprons

This customised apron has four layers. They are ideal for those working in environments where stains are inevitable. The layers allow one to turn to the clean side when one layer is stained. The 4-way apron is also great for those who cannot wash the apron daily. It gives room for multiple usage until one is ready to wash the apron. 

The 4-way customised apron Singapore is often used by chefs and other kitchen staff. Like the waist apron, the 4-way apron has no upper body coverage. 

Bistro Aprons

The bistro apron also doesn’t have an upper body cover. However, unlike waist customised aprons, the bistro apron is long enough to cover one’s pants. The length helps to ensure any spills do not get to the pants. The long apron gives you greater flexibility when it comes to how you wish to personalize the apron. 

Bib Aprons

These are the traditional-style customised aprons with a loose neck look and straps to tie around the waist. These aprons are popular because they offer protection to one’s clothes from the top. The length also varies, with some reaching mid-thigh and others going as far as the knees. 

This customised apron Singapore is often preferred because anyone can use it, irrespective of one’s duties. For example, the kitchen staff and waiters can use the same apron comfortably. 

It also is an awesome choice if you wish to have more room to customise the apron since you have a large surface to work with. 

Cobbler Aprons

Cobbler aprons are also known as smock aprons. Unlike the other types of aprons, this customised apron has both front and back coverage. It has straps on the side to make the apron as loose or as tight as one wishes. These straps also allow for easy removal. 

The type of apron is common among staff in salons, kindergartens, hospitals, and housekeeping. Unlike other aprons, you can customise the front and back of the cobbler apron. This allows you to increase your company’s visibility, not only to those seeing the apron wearer from the front but those behind him as well. 

Final Notes

These are the common types of aprons. It is best to know how you wish to customise the apron as you choose your preferred style. Fortunately, much as some of the aprons are more common in certain industries, there is no limitation. So, if the customized apron design is suitable for your business and needs, nothing should keep you from choosing any of these designs. 

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