What To Look For In A Toilet Bowl In Malaysia

What To Look For In A Toilet Bowl In Malaysia

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Best Toilet Bowl In Malaysia

No doubt that the toilet bowl is one of the most essential commodities in any household, yet it is the most ignored and unappreciated one. Since we are habitual of using it very often, so we pay no attention to it. If you are in the process of buying a new toilet bowl for your toilet in the Malaysian market and worry about the price, then this article will help you in making the right purchase.

Check The Water Efficiency Of The Toilet Bowl:

For checking the price of the toilet bowl, you need to see what company it belongs to and what are features it offers. The normal toilet bowl uses around 6 litre of water, which is huge. Even some type goes to using as many as 9 litres of water in a single flush. Yes, it is too much if you are thinking about the wastage of water. You can also get the efficient model of the flush which uses around 4.9 litres of water per flush.

The Dual Flush Or Partial Flush Option:

There is some flush available in the Malaysia market which offer dual options or flushing, whereas others come with a partial flushing capability. It means one side uses less quantity of water whereas the other side uses the less quantity of water. This way you can get the one which uses less water and thus water saving is ensured. The pricing of such a toilet bowl varies according to this feature.

The Size Of The Toilet Bowl:

If the size of your toilet bowl is big, it allows for more space and one feel comfortable using it. On the other hand, the bigger bowl means you will require a bigger space in your washroom for setting it up. If you are living in an apartment in Malaysia, where there are small toilet, then make sure you check the toilet bowl size accordingly. Again the price of the bowl depends upon its size and the brand name.

The Flushing System Of The Toilet Bowl:

Initially, some toilet bowl systems would come with an inbuilt flushing system with rubber flaps. The systems which come with the fitting of a tower system are considered to be long lasting and doesn’t break as such. Such types are also said to conserve more water and wastage is also reduced.

Height Of The Toilet Bowl:

Yet again the space of your toilet determines the standards and acceptable length of your bowl. Some come with a height of 15 inches tall, whereas others are available with 17 inches height. If you intend to have a taller toilet bowl because your height is more or some of your family members are tall, then you can get one of high height from the Malaysian market. In case there is disable person in the family or someone with special needs, you can also check the type and preferred choice of the toilet bowl for such a person.

Final Notes

The price of the toilet bowl as part of toilet accessories mainly depends upon the features it offers. Some come with a single flush, whereas those with dual or partial flush are available in a high price range. Then the system with a long height is also slightly expensive. You can check the type from the market and purchase the one which suits your requirements as per the size of the toilet.

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