What the Proposed Change to the Work injury Compensation Act Will Mean for Workers in Singapore

What the Proposed Change to the Work injury Compensation Act Will Mean for Workers in Singapore

If you are a worker in Singapore, there is a huge possibility that you know a thing or two about the Work Injury Compensation Act. But over the years, you may have heard of lapses or loopholes in the act that makes it take forever for injured workers to get their compensation. Thanks to some adjustments that are likely going to be made soon, all these are going to be things of the past.


When adjustment to the WICA takes effect, workers suffering from work-related injuries will be compensated sooner. Even more, they will receive more money. Workers or employees aren’t the only ones that will benefit from the proposed changes to the WICA; employers will be protected as well. For more information about work injury compensation, find out more here: https://allegiance.com.sg/commercial-insurance/work-injury-compensation/



The following article by Tang SEE kit shed light on what the proposed change to the Work Injury compensation will mean for employers and employees.


Broader insurance coverage, higher compensation among proposed changes to work injury law


SINGAPORE: Having more workers covered by mandatory insurance and allowing those suffering from work injuries to receive more compensation sooner were among the proposed key changes to the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), tabled by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Parliament- Read more here.


You surely now have a clear picture of what the proposed changes to the WICA that was tabled by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore will mean for workers. You also now know that 41 people died after a serious injury at their workplace in 2018 and that 12, 810 cases of work-related injuries were reported.



The following article by Wikipedia shed light on some critical things you probably didn’t know about workers compensation.


Workers’ compensation


Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance, providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue their employer for the tort of negligenceRead more here.


You likely now know some often ignored but important facts about workers compensation- like its origin and the countries that started it. You also now know a thing or two about common law remedies and statutory no-fault compensation. Believe me, there is a whole lot you don’t know about Work Injury Compensation.



The following article by WP is a speech by Yaw Shin Leong on Work Injury Compensation Amendment bill.


Yaw Shin Leong’s speech on Work Injury Compensation (Amendment) Bill


Mr. Speaker Sir, the Bill makes several improvements to the existing Act. The Act now covers exposure to chemical or biological agents and improves the insurance protection of the worker. This is commendable. Read more here.


You likely now know what Yaw Shin Leong has to say about the Work Injury Compensation amendment bill in Singapore. You also now know what the Ministry of Manpower is doing right now to lessen the pain of workers who suffered injuries while working.



Final note 


Change is indeed a constant phenomenon in Singapore. A few years back, injured workers had to wait endlessly before being compensated. Sometimes, the compensation they received isn’t enough to nurse them back to health.

All these and many more are going to change when the adjustment to the Work Injury Compensation bill takes effect.

Whether you are a worker or an employer, it is wise that you learn as much as you can about the Work Compensation Act in Singapore, as it will help you protect yourself and your business better.


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