Tips on How to Dress Fashionably in a Scrub Suit

Tips on How to Dress Fashionably in a Scrub Suit

lady doctor in a scrub suit

What Are Scrub Suits?

Scrub suits are super practical, comfortable, and they flatter all body types. You may even be more comfortable in a scrub suit than your regular clothes. However, the simple style of the scrub suit can be off-putting for people who love style and fashion. Fortunately, you can make your scrub suit an attractive outfit in several ways. 

Choose A Scrub Suit That Fits You Perfectly.

How do you normally dress? Do you prefer slim-cut pants? Are the shirts in your wardrobe the right fit for your body? If yes, then make your scrub suit in a similar style. Avoid scrub suits that are too loose or too tight. 

Most hospitals have a standard size for men and women. However, some brands and online stores have scrub suits available in small, medium, and large sizes. These sizes can be a little vague, and in some cases, the size may not be perfect. For example, the shirt may fit well, and the pants may be too big or too small. Fortunately, you can alter the seams and hem to get your desired fitting. 

Pick Scrubs Made Of High-Quality Fabric

Since the style of the scrub suit is generally the same, one of the factors that differentiate a great scrub suit from the regular ones is the fabric. For example, if the scrub suit is made from fabric that stretches, you need to be critical when choosing the ideal size. 

Scrub suits made from anti-wrinkle fabric ensure you look good all day, even when you have had a very demanding shift at the hospital.

The best fabric for a scrub suit is one that is breathable, durable, and sweat-wicking. 

Layer Your Scrub Suit

The scrub suit is made from relatively thin fabric. This helps ensure they dry quickly when one sweats or when they are washed. Unfortunately, this will leave you feeling cold during your shift. Wearing other clothes underneath the scrub suit ensures you keep warm and surprisingly leaves you looking good in your scrubs. 

If they were a little loose, your scrub suit might have a better fit when you layer it. Some nurses usually wear a shirt with long sleeves underneath the scrub suit. Pick a shirt that is the same colour as the scrub suit, so it looks like part of the suit. You don’t want your outfit to look too busy by layering with contrasting colours. 

Pick Flattering Colours

Once upon a time, scrub suits were only available in white. However, in the early 20th century, a renowned doctor suddenly switched to green. He believed white scrubs strained surgeons’ eyes, especially given they work in hospitals with white walls and very bright lights. Stains on white scrub suits were also highly visible, and this made patients uncomfortable.

Green and blue became the standard colour for scrub suits globally. However, today hospitals are exploring other hues, such as maroon and purple. Some even order scrub suits with prints. Now with the latest technology, you can customise your scrub suits!


Like other professionals, nurses and doctors need to feel good about their appearance to be productive. When they look good in their scrub suits, they are more confident moving through the hospital corridors fulfilling their duties. 

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