Tips on How to Customise Your EZ Link Card

Tips on How to Customise Your EZ Link Card

The EZ Link card is one of the most popular cashless payment systems in Singapore. When it was first introduced in the Singapore economy, it was primarily used for transit payments. However, today, it is used to pay for various services, such as dining, shopping, gym membership, and many more services. 

Approximately 2 million personalised ez link cards expire annually. Millions of customised ezlink cards are distributed every year. This gives businesses that choose to add their details to the ezlink card design the chance to market their products and services to EZ Link cardholders and those that come across the cards when payments are being made. 

Besides businesses, individuals can also choose to customise ezlink cards. How best can you personalise these cards to achieve your goals?

Choose attractive colours

If you aim to market your business using customised ezlink cards, you need to make them as attractive as possible. You can accomplish this by choosing a colour that will stand out. The personalised ez link card will be in the owner’s wallet for at least five years before it expires. You want to make sure they enjoy seeing the card every time they use it. 

If possible, go for a unique colour. Having too many similar cards in the wallet can be frustrating. Some people may avoid your customised ezlink cards for this reason. 

Ensure your details are visible

The personalised ezlink card design is your business card, only now, instead of handing it to thousands of people, they purchase it to use it to make cashless payments. The EZ Link card has become a convenient way of making payments, so more Singaporeans are ready and willing to buy one. 

When you customise ezlink cards with your details, you are marketing your businesses directly to your potential customers. Besides having your logo on the ez link card, you need to have your contacts so that your clients can easily reach out when the need arises.

Failure to put your contact details means you expect the cardholder to search your details online. You may lose potential clients who don’t want to go through the hustle of finding your details. When you put your contacts, you also need to ensure they are visible. 

Timing matters

Before ordering the customised ez link card, whether for your personal use, gifts for your employees, or a promotional item for your marketing campaign, you need to look at this as a long-term plan. EZ Link cards expire after five years. You need to ensure you customise it at a period when your company will benefit most. This is a marketing technique, and you get it right.

For example, you can request an ezlink card design when you are launching a new product. This way, the campaign can actively last for years, depending on the number of cards you customise. 

Besides customising ez link cards for business, you can also do it for personal use. You can choose personalised ez link cards as gifts for your loved ones. 

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