How to Creatively Design Sublimated Jerseys

How to Creatively Design Sublimated Jerseys

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What Is Sublimination Print?

Sublimation printing is quite popular for customised sportswear. This is primarily because polyester is the preferred fabric for making sports uniforms. It is highly absorbent, a favourable property necessary when using sublimation dyes.

Since the design for sublimated jerseys can be large and as complex as you wish, there is no limit to your creativity. As you come up with a design, there are several things you can consider. 

Consider The Type Of Sport.

Is the sublimated jersey for a full-contact sport, like rugby? Sports that require plenty of movements require a jersey made from a fabric that is lightweight and stretchy. This way, the players can get a size that fits their bodies perfectly to discourage jersey pulling during the game. 

What Is The Original Colour of The Jersey?

When designing sublimated jerseys, you are not just considering the graphics but also the colours to use. Sublimation printing is best done on white or light-coloured fabric. The prints will be more visible, and every aspect of the design will stand out. 

The team’s performance, to some degree, depends on how good the players feel in their jerseys. So, picking colours and designs that the players like will go a long way to boosting their confidence. 

Once you know the original colour of the jerseys, you can come with a design and sublimation dye colours to use. Fortunately, sublimation printing does not restrict the number of colours to use for the design, as is the case for screen printing. 

Do You Need To Have A Logo?

When designing sublimated jerseys, you need to know where the logo will go. Since it needs to stand out, the design should not overpower the logo. Instead, determine where to place the logos so that you can work with the remaining space. Alternatively, you can create a design that incorporates the logo within it. 

In most sublimated jerseys, the prints appear on the abdominal area and the back. This is usually the largest surface area, making the print visible to the audience and sponsors. Since this area always captures people’s attention, some sponsors prefer having their logos in this space as well.  

Consider Classic Designs

They say old is gold, and some sports have maintained the same sublimated jersey designs for years because they are a trademark. Some fans, especially those who identify with the team, are sometimes more attached to the jersey design than the team. 

When creating a design for sublimation printing in Singapore, it is best to ask if you need a design overhaul or if you only need to tweak a few things in the current design. 

Find a Theme

Sometimes, the best jersey design is not the most complex. Your design may be simple, but if it has a theme, it will be stunning. Think of something that will put a smile on the players’ faces, and go with it. You can consider an inside joke which you can incorporate in the design. 

Avoid a theme that will be too busy for the eyes of both the players and spectators. Some themes can be quite distractive. When designing a jersey, ask how the design would look when all the players are on the pitch running. 

Will the rapid movements make the sublimated jersey design too intense for observers to notice what is happening in the field? If the focus is on the jerseys, then you need to change the theme. 


Designing sports jerseys for sublimation printing can be a fun process. Your creativity will help you achieve a balance between a practical and attractive design. 

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