How Effective Is Commercial Marine Insurance For Goods Transportation In Risk Management

How Effective Is Commercial Marine Insurance For Goods Transportation In Risk Management

How Effective Is Commercial Marine Insurance For Goods Transportation In Risk Management

Many business prefer to use commercial marine services to transport their consignments. In such cases commercial marine insurance play a crucial role. It acts as a protection to ensure safe passage of your goods.

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What is Commercial Marine Insurance?

It is that type of insurance that safeguards your products during import or export. It can be customized, or you can get a policy which is better suited to your need by simply comparing different policies.
Is it for you?

If you are a business owner and you perform import, export functions then you must consider a commercial marine insurance. Many business owners unwittingly leave the insurance part to logistic companies and incur heavy losses when their consignment gets met with catastrophic incidents.

If you are a transporter or shipping company, then an insurance is must for you as you are liable for the goods you transport. Though might have certain exemptions like act of God but most liability will still be on your account in the event of proper fulfillment of delivery clauses.

You might even require a commercial insurance if your contract asks you to get that. So you will be legally bound to get an insurance coverage.

What is covered?

Any type of goods can be covered by a marine insurance. It can be a raw material or a finished product.

The goods I your consignment are covered against

� Fire, explosion
� Overturning of vehicle
� Discharge of cargo
� If cargo is thrown away
� Earthquake
� Water leakage on board
� Loss of package

Though this list is not comprehensive, but it should give you a clear idea of what is covered under such insurance plans. However you should keep in mind if your packaging is at fault or any previously present or intrinsic damage classified as deliberate damage is found in your cargo, the insurance will not cover them.

Types of policies

Depending on your need and how much your goods are at risk, get the policy that is most effective for you to help you cut down losses in case of untoward incidents. Choose a specific policy or an open based on the duration of your need. also you can opt for an annual turn over policy.

Commercial marine insurance is extremely beneficial for business owners who need to undergo such transportation. World Shipping Council has warned about the rise in loss of shipping cargos not including catastrophic events. If you do not want to go bankrupt and lose your valuable goods and watch your reputation sink, a commercial marine insurance will give you that much needed peace of mind.

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