Beginner’s Guide to Custom Wood Prints

Beginner’s Guide to Custom Wood Prints

Wood photo prints are digital photos and images printed directly on wood. The process is unlike other wood prints, such as dye sublimation printing and photo mounting, where photos are first printed on paper before being transferred on wood. 

Wood photo prints have a rich colour and appeal because the ink fuses into the wood grain. The outcome is a beautiful art that makes for excellent wooden picture gifts. 

If you are interested in a personalised photo print on wood, it is best to know everything about wood prints. 

Acceptable photo formats

When ordering custom wood prints online, you need to make sure that you are submitting high-resolution images. Otherwise, the quality of your wooden picture gifts will not be as impressive as you expect. Fortunately, many sites offering personal photo print on wood service will reject photos with a low resolution. 

When submitting your photo, you may need to have it in JPEG or Tiff file. Always ask about the acceptable format before submitting the file. When you have the right photo specification, you will receive your wooden picture gifts without delay. 

Will the wood print be an exact copy of the photo?

No, wood photo prints are usually not identical to photo prints. In most cases, the custom wood prints are more attractive because the grains, blemishes, and character of the wood will merge with the ink, resulting in an elegant print.

Additionally, unless you request for the white areas on your photo to be printed in white, some sites opt to leave the natural colour of wood to remain. Popular woods used to make custom wood prints include birch plywood, pine, regular birch, poplar, MDF, and Shina plywood.  

Wood print sizes 

Most sites that make wood photo prints have a list of available sizes indicated. The list is made up of the most common wood photo print sizes requested. However, if you have a preferred size that is not among the options given, you can request custom wood prints.

Customized sizes tend to take longer, so you need to request the personalised photo print on wood early if you need it for a specific event. 

Ask about discounted wood prints.

Some sites occasionally have wood photo prints that are being sold at discounted rates. Before placing your order, check the promotions page to see which print sizes are available at discounted rates. You never know, you may get a large size print, at least bigger than what you intended to order, at a fair price. 

Maintenance of wood prints

Wood prints are easy to keep clean. You only need to use a damp microfiber or cotton cloth to wipe off the dust. Avoid getting the personalised wooden photo block wet because this is still wood. Regular exposure to water will damage it. Do not clean using abrasive materials because wooden picture gifts are not scratch-resistant. 

If you are not sure about using the images you have chosen for your custom wood prints, it is best to ask before uploading and submitting your order. Most sites have personnel ready to help you choose the best image and even help you understand why one photo is better than the other. 

Should you want to include text on the personalised wooden photo block, ask about the fonts so that you can select the most suitable. You have a lot of options when ordering wood photo prints. However, you should take every step possible to ensure you get everything right before the photo is printed on the wood. 

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