An Ultimate Guide for Acrylic Photos

An Ultimate Guide for Acrylic Photos

You can transform your home with acrylic photo frames. These photos have vibrant clarity, rich colours, and a glossy finish that will leave your home looking amazing. Does the type of photo you use matter when it comes to the outcome of the acrylic picture? 

Yes, all photos will certainly look better with custom acrylic Singapore. This is because the acrylic material adds contrast and depth to your photos. The glossy surface and polished edges make the colours and photos pop even more. However, some acrylic photos look better than others. 

The greater the photo pixels, the better the acrylic picture

Custom acrylic Singapore prints are not very different from other photo prints when it comes to photo resolution. Your acrylic photo will have greater depth and colour vibrancy if the original photo has more pixels. 

This is why when ordering acrylic photos online, some sites display a low-resolution warning. If you cannot get a photo with a higher resolution, you can opt for a smaller acrylic print size or use another photo. 

Choose a photo with light and bright colours.

Your photo at the beachfront with the clear blue water at the back will make a great acrylic photo because light and bright photos are enhanced on acrylic prints. Compare this photo with the one you have taken indoors. You’ll find the photo taken in the outdoors is more appealing and has a depth and colour contrast that would be lacking in custom acrylic picture frames with dull colours. 

Avoid social media photos.

Has a friend posted an amazing photo on social media that you wish to turn into an acrylic photo? While these photos can be used in custom acrylic picture frames, they are not always ideal, especially if you are looking for a large print. 

The primary reason is social media images are small in pixel size. These photos cannot compare to those on your smartphone. If you want to surprise her with a custom acrylic photo and really want to use the photo on her social media page, you can do so. However, you will need to go for a smaller print. 

The acrylic floating frame draws attention to the image.

Another advantage that custom acrylic photo frames have over other types of frames is that you can focus on the photo. Traditional frames, such as wooden frames, are considered part of the photo display. This is why you had to be conscious when choosing the colour, thickness, and design of the photo frame. 

The acrylic floating frame is one of the reasons acrylic photos are popular. Not only does the printing process make photos more vibrant, but the frameless display also makes the picture pop because the frame is non-existent. Whether the photo is printed edge to edge or centred, the frameless acrylic adds a touch of elegance to your custom acrylic photo frames. 

Custom acrylic Singapore is probably one of the most flexible photo printing service. You don’t just get to choose your preferred photo, but you can choose the size of the acrylic frame and how you want to display the photo. For example, you can opt for the acrylic display stand, acrylic photo block, or larger frames for wall hangings. Whatever your preference, you cannot go wrong with acrylic photos. 

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